Top 10 Stocks to Watch in the Bangladesh Stock Market


Investing in the Bangladesh stock market requires careful research and analysis to identify potential stocks worth watching. The market is dynamic, and stock performance can vary widely. 

Here are ten stocks to watch in the Bangladesh Stock Market (Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange) based on various factors like market capitalization, sector performance, and growth prospects. Please note that the stock market is subject to changes, so it’s crucial to conduct up-to-date research before making investment decisions.

How to find out Top 10 stocks in Bangladesh stock market

Finding the top 10 stocks in the Bangladesh stock market requires a combination of research, analysis, and monitoring of market conditions. Here are some guides to help you identify the top-performing stocks in the Bangladesh Stock Market. 

1. Define Your Criteria:

Start by defining your investment criteria. Are you looking for stocks with strong growth potential, high dividends, stability, or a combination of factors? Clearly outlining your goals will guide your stock selection.

2. Conduct Fundamental Analysis:

Research the financial health and performance of companies listed on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE). Key fundamental factors to consider include earnings growth, revenue growth, profitability, debt levels, and dividend history.

4. Monitor Market Capitalization:

Check the market capitalization of listed companies. Top-performing stocks often belong to larger, more established companies, but smaller-cap stocks can offer growth opportunities.

5. Review Earnings Reports:

Analyze earnings reports and financial statements of companies. Look for consistent revenue and profit growth, as well as positive earnings surprises.

6. Explore Dividend History:

If you’re interested in dividend stocks, examine the dividend history of companies. Seek those with a track record of paying dividends and potentially increasing payouts over time.

Top 10 list of stocks 

The list of top 10 stocks presented here represents companies that have shown promise in various sectors, from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals and banking. These stocks have exhibited stability, growth potential, and a commitment to corporate governance, making them noteworthy choices for investors.

Grameenphone Ltd. (GP):

Grameenphone is one of Bangladesh’s leading telecommunications companies. It has a significant market share and offers growth potential as the country’s mobile phone and data usage continues to expand.

Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (SQUAREPHARMA):

Square Pharmaceuticals is a prominent player in the pharmaceutical sector of Bangladesh. The company has a strong product portfolio and exports to various international markets.


BRAC Bank is a well-established commercial bank with a focus on innovation and digital banking solutions. It’s known for its robust financial services and growth opportunities.

ACI Limited (ACI):

ACI Limited operates in various sectors, including agriculture, consumer brands, and pharmaceuticals. Its diversified business model and consistent performance make it a stock to watch.

British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Ltd. (BATBC):

BAT Bangladesh is a subsidiary of the British American Tobacco Group and operates in the tobacco industry. It’s a significant player in a sector that traditionally performs well.

Renata Limited (RENATA):

Renata Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh known for its research and development efforts. It has a strong product pipeline and export potential.

Robi Axiata Limited (ROBI):

Robi Axiata is another major telecommunications company in Bangladesh. It offers growth opportunities as the demand for mobile and data services continues to rise.

LafargeHolcim Bangladesh Ltd. (LHBL):

LafargeHolcim Bangladesh operates in the cement industry. It benefits from the country’s infrastructure development projects and construction activities.

United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCB):

United Commercial Bank is a well-established bank with a focus on providing comprehensive banking services. It’s known for its stability and growth potential.

Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (BEXIMCO):

Beximco Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. It has a strong presence in both the local and international markets.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the stock market is inherently dynamic, and past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Therefore, while these stocks provide an excellent starting point for your research, it’s essential to conduct your due diligence, consider your individual investment goals and risk tolerance, and, if needed, seek advice from financial professionals.


In conclusion, the Bangladesh Stock Market offers opportunities for both local and international investors. By following the steps outlined in this article and staying disciplined in your investment approach, you can navigate the market with confidence and potentially benefit from its growth potential. Keep in mind that successful investing requires ongoing monitoring and adaptation to changing market conditions, ensuring your investments align with your financial objectives and risk tolerance.

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